Choose Plan

Choose Your Plan

Closet Space

Fill as many storage bins as you want.
Great for items that you frequently use.

  • Storage Bins Provided
  • Free Pick-up Requests
  • Free Deliveries
  • Same-Day / 2-Day Delivery options
  • Store for $6/bin monthly

Note: Some items may not fit inside our bins. Use the Closet Space plan to store items that would fit in your car, like a golf bag.

Unit Space

Great for residents who need
a better alternative to self-storage.

  • Choose Your Unit Size
  • Free Initial Pick-up and Delivery Requests
  • Free Pick-up / Delivery for Small Requests
  • $17 Pick-up / Delivery for Large Requests
  • Handled With Care by two Moving Professionals

Both Plans

  • Manage Your Items Online
  • Add Storage Space at any Time
  • Deliver to Alternate Locations
  • 2 hour Pick-up and Delivery Windows
  • Professional Care and Handling