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About Us

The best way to store! Just like our name suggests, we’re a full-service storage alternative to self-storage. We offer a variety of storage solutions, from a few cubic feet to the size a full spare bedroom. You’ll only pay for the space you need, and you’re only responsible for packing. We pick up the stuff you don’t need daily access to, and deliver it back to you when you need it.

Valet Storage takes the hassle, stress and inconvenience out of storage. We provide the closet or attic space you don’t have, and allow you to breathe a little easier in the space you do have. All you need to do is pack; we take care of the rest.

The entire Austin area is eligible for our free pickup, storage and delivery services, including Cedar Park, Pflugerville and Lakeway. Just holler with your address if you’re unsure about if you’re in range.

Our office is open and available for phone calls from 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Deliveries and pickups can be scheduled from 7am to 8pm Monday through Saturday.

No. We are not a traditional brick and mortar self-storage facility. We exist to save our customers money (goodbye Home Depot rental truck) and time spent driving to get items stored (hello hours spent doing fun stuff, not in Austin traffic).

It depends; if you’re downsizing and want to put some furniture and bins of stuff into storage, we’re the easiest way to store! If you just need stuff in storage for a couple days while you move, that’s not exactly how our service was designed. We’re a long-term, full-service storage company; not movers.


You can pull your items out whenever you want, but we do require three month’s rent pre-paid, as the minimal charge for our service.

There are no invoices, no checks to mail. As part of your profile set up, you will provide us with a major credit card which is used to charge your rent on the anniversary date, similar to other online subscriptions.

Just login to your account and update the card or address we have on file. If your credit card expires or can’t be charged, we’ll let you know and give you a 10-day grace period before adding a late fee to that month’s rent.

Storing With Us

We do not leave anything to chance. The security of your items is our top priority, so we employ a  three-part security process.

  • First, we only hire trustworthy and honest employees who pass rigorous background checks and drug tests.
  • Second, each bin/item is uniquely identified by a QR code and numbered security seal. Each of these numbers is tracked throughout the pickup, storage, and delivery process so we know where your stuff is at any given moment.
  • Third, our facilities are secure. We maintain a network of our own climate-controlled warehouses with 24/7 security and constant monitoring.

Packing like items together makes it easy to request only the bins back that you really need, when you need them. Keep all your summer supplies together, your holiday decorations separate from that, pack old tax documents and other paperwork in another bin, etc.

Also keep in mind that we can’t take any bins that are bulging; just fill the 27” x 17” x 12” snugly. There is also a 60-pound weight limit on each bin. If you can’t pick it up, odds are it’s too heavy.

Anything illegal, flammable, breakable, edible, perishable or things that are irreplaceable are best kept out of our warehouses. You can read the details from our lawyers in the Terms and Services Agreement.

Two words: Nope. Liability. (But we do take care of everything else!)

Your monthly rental agreement goes into effect the day we bring you the empty bins. How long it takes you to pack them up is totally up to you. If you’ve got your stuff staged and ready to go in, you can ask the driver to hang out for up to 15 minutes while you pack your bins and they’ll take ‘em away right then and there.

Of course! We’re here to make your life easier. Our drivers always travel with extra bins that can easily be added to your account. And if you need to bump up your unit size, just ask, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Pick-up and delivery

Often, we can come get them the next day after you click Get Started. After you choose your storage solution, and set up your account, you’ll see the calendar with available pickup times.

You will receive a text message from us the day before your pickup date with an estimated time of arrival. Typically, that estimate is a 2-hour window.

Once we arrive at your home, just point out what goes into storage and we’ll load your belongings! Before we leave, you’ll be handed an inventory of everything we’ve picked up.  Make sure you review this in detail before signing it.

Within 24 hours you’ll receive an email letting you know that your belongings have been packed and stored in your own personal vault.

Login to your account from any device, and select the bins and items you need back. (Try not to break a sweat.) A calendar will pop up, allowing you to select a delivery date that works best for you. A one-time $17 fee is charged per delivery trip.

For liability reasons, we can’t leave your things unattended, so please make arrangements for someone to receive your requested items at your scheduled time! (We do have to charge you for the delivery trip if no one is home.)

For security reasons, we don’t allow customer access to our warehouses.

To cancel your account, give us a call. We will schedule final delivery of the bins and pick up of empty bins. If you choose to keep the bins, you’ll be charged $20 per bin; your monthly rent included rental of the bins, not purchase!